Monday, January 11, 2016

My journey to my dream body

Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.

 Hello everyone!!

I hope you are all doing amazing on this beautiful day. Today post is going to be something different because I feel like a lot of things had change in my life since I started this blog. 

 I have been on a fitness journey for  years. I started in January 2014 but did not take it seriously until April of  2015. Back then I was 196 lb or 89 kg. At that weight I knew that something had to change so I worked on my body, now I'm 30 lb lighter. I have work so hard but still don't give myself enough credit. I won't stop until I get those toned arm, legs and butt.

Now days,  I still workout 5 time a weak but I mostly do strength training and weights because I don't really want to lose anymore weight. I'm still cruising but I will make it because I won't stop until my dream become a reality.

Outfit information:

Pants: forever21
Sports bras: forever21
Running Shoes: Nike

P.s: Those picture were taken last march, I'm much Skinner, healthier and toner. I'm now at my idea weight!!
 photo 5_zpsb3c395a9.jpg

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  1. You look fit. Thanks for inspiring to focus on fitness. I have realized now that, "the more fit you are, the healthier you will be"