Monday, November 4, 2013

A Day Out In the Maze

College is a period of your life where you need to experience new thing. Last Saturday I did something out of the ordinary and something you can only experience in the Big "T ". My friends and I decided to go to a corn maze. I was not excited but I am always up to try new stuff. I was kind of scared in the back of my mind I was thinking about being trap there forever.  After we got inside the maze it was easy because you get the map and some instructions. So hope you experience something different like us.

When we made out of the maze, we had the occasion to see all the animal. My friend had the opportunity of riding a horse for the first time. 

To close the night we went to get some thing to eat .After we want to this cute coffee place. The shop was so cozy. It was a old house that they transform to a coffee shop. We spend some times their playing "apple to apple" with I almost won LOL. I was really a fun day !!!



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