Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Lookbook: From Day To Night

Day Time Outfit !!

Hey guys, how are you doing?? So today I will be showing you how to transform a casual outfit to a night time classy outfit with three simple pieces. 

So for the day outfit, I took a pair of jean that I got from Tjmaxx and pair it up with a blouse from Goodwill. This outfit was inspired by my hair lool. I think the curly and the big hair give me kind of Diana Ross inch vibe. 

Outfit Information
Top& Bag : Goodwill
Pants: Tjmaxx
Sandal: Steven Madden
Belt: Hermes

Night Time Outfit !!!

For the night outfit i added a blazer and a dressier bag with my LV. I know there are no sun at night but my outfit look good with the sunglasses. 


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