Friday, January 24, 2014

All about my Tree Braids

Hey guys, how are you all doing? 

Today's blog post will be all about my hair. First of all, school is about to start again, I want to wish all  students a successful semester. It is obvious that I have a new hairstyle. If you guys don't know I have been natural for about 3 years. My hair has grown a lot for someone who became natural by accident.

Anyway I decided to do Tree braids because I saw a lot of naturals with this hairstyle. I thought about it for sometime, I did my search and find out that tree braid is one of the best protective hairstyle to make your hair grow . I saw this on one of my favorite Youtuber and blogger Sisi Yemmie. I follow her on youtube, she made a video a long time ago showing and telling us all about her Tree Braids. 

After my research I realized that it was the style for me. I went to a hair braiding salon during my time in  New York. She hooked me up. She took 4 hours to finish my hair. I did not want it to do the same 1B hair color so I mix some color like some highlight. I use Xpression color 30,27 and 4.


I really love this hair. It's important to me to have an hairstyle that will help my hair grow quickly. Tree braid is a amazing protective hairstyle for all hair textures. I would  recommend this hairstyle to all of my beauties, the ones that don't have the time to pay attention to their hair. This Hair will be best for you.

Hair Dresser Contact:

Mouna African Hair Braiding
549 E 168th Street, 
Bronx, NY 10456
[Bef. Fulton & 3rd Avenue]

Cell: 917-403-5810
Shop Number: 718-293-3792

Hope you enjoy this blog, don't forget to comment kisses !! 


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