Monday, March 31, 2014

OOTN: Dressy In Pink (birthday edition)

Those pictures were taken during my 21st birthday party celebrating last  Saturday. I wanted to be the pink princess so I had everything and everyone in pink. Spring is here, so I am taking advantage of the bright colors. 
I bought those shorts three weeks ago from forever21. It was the perfect size , but now they are too big because I have been going hard in the gym. I am not complaining about me losing some inches, I just hate the fact that I had so many outfits ideas with them but its all good I will just stick some bobby pins on in.

Outfit Information

Shorts: Forever21 (Here)
Top: old Forever21
Shoes: Forever21( Here)

I just wanted to enjoy this birthday with some friends and not have to do something big or go crazy like most 21st birthdays goes. We went to dinner. My friends surprised me with a cake. They even wrote in french with was cool because I miss speaking french. It was a amazing surprise and well put together if I must say. 

After Dinner, I wanted to try Hookah. It was my first time doing it and what better way to do something new on your birthday. The night went so fast . 
Hope you enjoy this blog Kiss!


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