Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Idol Wednesday : IRONY OF ASHI


This blog is going to be a style inspiration.I decide to start a new segment called "IDOL WEDNESDAY" .It is basically me showing you every week the different  bloggers that give me a taste and different Ideas about my fashions .Hope you enjoy this segment and thanks you for checking my blog XOXO


I am extremely Inspired by this next person !!
She have give me so much ideas and fashion tips through her post .
Agatha Ashiofu from IRONY OF ASHI

I've been looking at her outfits on her Blog  for quite a while now!!This girl is my latest favorite! She was one of the person that inspired me to start this blog so I want it to give a little taste of one of my Idol.This girl is one of the most humble person I ever met .She comment on my youtube channel and she even subscribed to me !! I want it to say thank you and tell everyone to go check her out because she is AMAZING !!
You can see more of her fabulous styles:
On her blog: ->  here  <-
On her Bloglovin: -> here  <-
On her youtube channel ->here<-

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