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Today , am in a joyful mood . I have been nominated for the LIEBSTER AWARD. I have been nominated by the stylish and amazing Joana Almeida from the blog So Fashion Thank you girl !!

The Liebster Award is an initiative to let smaller slash beginner bloggers shine and It's great to find new bloggers. Each nominated has a challenge: You have to answer 11 questions from the blogger that nominated you, in my case Taria-ann , and you also have to made up 11 different questions for 11 bloggers that you're going to nominate. This has to be a blog that needs to be noticed in your opinion with less than 200 followers. 

Here are my answers :

1-How would you describe your style?
I would describe my style as colorful,vintage and different . I try to personalize my outfits by sometime incorporate a touch of my African culture .In my mind I have no boundary or shame .I am a big believer that you should be yourself no matter where you are .

2-Where do you get inspiration for your outfits?
I mostly get inspired by other bloggers .I take some of their ideas and put my own spin on it .

3-What is your favorite brand?
Charlotte Russe ,Forever21 ,H&m ,BCBG ...It can go on for a while haha 

4-And your favorite fashion designer?
I like Marc Jacobs .. He is really creative with his item but I love his edgy touch .

5-What are three of your favorite items in your closet?
It always good to have a basic pair of jean with a cute blouse, to top all of with  some cute wedge and voila you got a stylish outfit .

6-Which season do you like most?
I love summer ...During this season you can get away with anything .

7-What´s your favorite trend for this Fall season?
I like the beanies all the Stars are rocking it .We saw it on Rihanna,Beyonce,kelly Rowland etc...It a small item that will take your outfit to another level.

8-What do you think about fashion communities like, chictopia or chicisimo? 
I enjoy lookbook ..In my opinion it is another way to get your blog known .The people are very nice embrace every new comer.

9- What type of a relationship do you have (if any) with other fashion bloggers?
I was embrace by a lot of fashion blogger that guide me throw this journey .The blogging world is very diverse and all the ladies are nice ,so it is always nice to know that it is not a competition .

10-What do you think about follow-to-follow? It is a good way to get new followers?
It is a good way to get some new follower ...I always say with one person you can open the door of 20 bloggers to get to know you.

11-Does your blog make you happy?
I really enjoy blogging...It is the only place where I can be myself ,share my love of fashion and maybe inspire other people.

And now... the 11 bloggers who I'm going to nominate for a Liebster Award are:

And the 11 questions for the nominees are:

1-How long have you been a blogger?
2-what inspired you to become a blogger?
3-Name 3 blogs that inspired you to start your blog ?
4-What your favorite Store ?
5-Do you prefer shopping online or get the full experience of the store?
6-What is one item in your closet that you can't live without ?
7-Do you enjoy blogging ?
8-What is your favorite designer ?
9-What is your favorite brand ?
10-Other than blogging ,what do you like to do in your spear time ?
11-Describe your blog in one word ?  

Hope you will answer the questions because  I can't wait to see your answers :)

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